ECM in the Cloud: OnBase Online


With OnBase Online, our content management cloud solution, you’re doing far more than storing information and content in the cloud. You’re gaining access to a host of powerful enterprise content management (ECM) solutions that will revolutionize your business processes.


You are also choosing an ECM deployment option that’s not only safe, secure and always available when you need it, but one that’s flexible enough to meet your business needs now and in the future. And one that frees up your IT resources, because OnBase Online professionals deploy, manage, maintain, monitor, and upgrade your solution, so you don’t have to. But that’s just the beginning.


Simple Benefits with Big Business Rewards

OnBase Online, our cloud-based ECM solution, offers many simple benefits with big business rewards, including:


Security is Job One:
Security of your data is our number one focus, and we prove our Security First promise in the way we conduct business and how we handle and manage your content. Our operational procedures are defined per applicable regulations and compliance. We then self-audit those procedures quarterly and are annually audited by a nationally recognized auditing firm.

Global Cloud Services holds the OnBase Online platform to the highest standards, ensuring data centers are ISO 27001-certified and our processes are SOC 2 are self-audited and externally audited. For further details regarding current certifications and audits, contact us at

Global Cloud Services professionals are held to the highest standards, achieving invaluable certifications related to network, infrastructure security, and performance, including CISSP, CCNA, MCTS, GSEC, and SQL Server Administrators. You should expect this level of experience of any ECM Cloud solution provider.


As your organizational needs change, your solution should evolve to meet those needs. With OnBase Online, you can easily change functionality when and as you need to in our content management cloud, adding or subtracting features as necessary and paying for only the functionality you need.

OnBase Online customers have unlimited access to their content. Hyland Software will never charge customers to access their content in our content management cloud.


New release versions of OnBase are included in your OnBase Online solution, allowing you to take advantage of new software features and functionality in your cloud solution, further enhancing your IT investment. Plus, you can quickly and easily complete upgrades with help from our team of Global Cloud Services and OnBase Online professionals, ready to assist your IT staff during your desired upgrade period.


Operating Systems/Licenses:
Lower your IT budget by taking advantage of our cloud-based ECM solution and avoid the cost of enterprise server operating systems, database software licenses, and their respective maintenance charges. We pass the benefits our resource investment on to you at no additional charge.

OnBase Online is designed to operate OnBase, host your information, and nothing else. This means our cloud-based ECM solution is dedicated to do only one thing: keep your data safe, secure and readily available. This is unique to OnBase Online.


N+1 Full Mesh Redundancy:
Wondering about N+1 full mesh redundancy? Someone in your organization is. You can tell them that the OnBase Online content management cloud environment is N+1 full mesh redundant, so there should be no concern over single point of failure. When necessary, we can fail-over to secondary devices automatically and fail-back to primary devices when appropriate. This level of availability is standard for every one of our OnBase Online customers.


Secondary Site Disaster Recovery Replication:
Your OnBase Online solution is deployed to a primary data center. Your data is then replicated to a secondary site, saved on the same top tier technology that your primary data center is built upon. This means that should something happen to your primary data center, we can quickly and easily recover and access all of your content. That should make you sleep better at night. We also offer additional business continuity options for those customers that desire it.

Security, Monitoring, and Intrusion Detection and Prevention Services: Our dedicated OnBase Online team of professionals, including dedicated solution engineers, manages the entire Hyland content management cloud, ensuring there is 24/7 network monitoring.


And So Much More …
We provide the “extras” in our content management cloud that commodity cloud providers charge for.


This includes:

  • Access and retrieval of documents and content
  • Bandwidth
  • CPU
  • Virtual environments
  • Input/Output (I/O)


This is only the beginning of what you can do with OnBase Online.



• Security of your data is our number one focus.

• With OnBase Online, you can easily change functionality when and as you need to in our content management cloud.

• New release versions of OnBase are included in your OnBase Online solution.